Hi, my name is Agnieszka.


I am a Consciousness Coach® and educator, as well as an author and entrepreneur. But first and foremost I am someone who believes that all your gifts, dreams and cravings are there for a reason. It is your task to take responsibility and massive action to capture and realize them. I followed my urge to create my life where I feel fulfilled and happy doing what I love, and where I am in charge of it. After quitting my work at a corporation and being uncertain of what would come next, I decided to follow my heart and bet on a long-cherished dream of writing a book, despite it seeming illogical. Be Authentic is the result.

Today I coach determined individuals to BECOME AWARE, IDENTIFY and HONOUR their inner MAVERICKS, their dreams, and ambitions. To BELIEVE in themselves and their life visions more than anyone or anything else on THIS PLANET. With an ultimate goal to CREATE conscious, sustainable and unstoppable ATTITUDE, MINDSET and DISCIPLINE. To take massive and aligned actions to create lives, work, business and other areas of their life in alignment with their hearts and dreams.

I speak five languages and love to travel. I adore nature, outdoor sport, deep connection with people, children, animals, older people, and books. I learn every day. Journal, write out my life vision, move my body and take massive action daily to create big things for myself and others before I die. I want to feel exhilarated, live fast and on the edge, because this is what I feel on the inside.


® 2018 Agnieszka Borzęcka