Agnieszka has been recommended to me by my friend and it was an awesome recommendation ­čÖé Our session via Skype went longer than expected and Agnieszka gave me additional ending session later same day what was super customer oriented. During our talk, She was super professional while building strong relation. You have a feeling you really want to open yourself. No judgement while being strong on the goals building. I can say nothing less than I would love to have a coach like Agnieszka. Open minded and inspirational one. Good person at heart. Thank You Agnieszka
Bartlomiej Glowacki
It was my pleasure to attend your coaching session… was just awesome. You are not only a great coach but an awesome person. Looking forward to next coaching event.
Jigs Jagani
Agnieszka asked question right to the point and has enabled me to become conscious about certain habits that were not serving me in my life any more. She knows how to listen and point to the real stuff underneath all the talking. Her presence gave me even another energy boost to set out doing what I wanted to change / pursue. More so, I felt immediately comfortable with her and she is very empathic. I can only recommend this beautiful coach and I hope all the best for Agnieszka. Thanks for working with me and helping me to gain important insights / life lessons of my life.
Vera Maria Ol
Agnieszka wspaniale si─Ö realizuje zawodowo. Daje innym cenne informacje, drogowskazy do szcze┼Ťcia. Jest spe┼éniona w tym co robi, wi─Öc jest najlepsza.
Anna Lisowska
Agnieszka is a high professional coach . She has a natural sensitive skill to coach, listen and ask great questions to encourage you to unravel your being to become the closest version off your Self . Thank you Agnieszka for being so natural and pure.
Rachel Theunissen
Agnieszka is a highly dedicated and passionate life coach! Her approach is very pragmatic, concrete and efficient. It applies directly to your daily actions and thinking patterns, without endless abstract analyses. Her feedback is very useful to become aware of how you act and think, and to make some changes and improvements. She’s very generous in her coaching and she will do everything possible to give you the tools to improve. I highly recommend Agnieszka’s coaching!
If I have to summarize my coaching session with Agnieszka in one word: Wow! She is like a talking mirror. Most of the time you talk to yourself about your own passions, what makes you happy, what is important to you, your strengths, your doubts. She confronts you when your own thoughts limit you in achieving all those important thoughts. Last but not least, she encourages you to set goals. Things you are gonna DO. Because that is the secret in achieving your goals: DO. Transform your thoughts into action! With the help of Agnieszka I created clarity in my mind. I set goals, created a list of things I’m gonna DO. Agnieszka, thank you so much!
Dennis Spronk
Agnieszka is an intent listener, providing enough space to express ones thoughts and offer clarity. She empowers you by gentle persuasion and question the reason behind the desired result. The required action from their on is matter of creating ones plan by choosing powerful conviction in one’s own strength. I recommend her highly if you want to take that chance to embrace change!
Ajay Sharma
Agnieszka has coached me several times and every time she uplifts me and motivates me to achieve my goals. She is a wonderful listener, she unconditionally stands for the greatness of her clients and through her powerful questioning she successfully led me every time to the right answers. I feel empowered and tremendously grateful!
Zsofia Huray
Agnieszka is a very good listener, she anticipates on the right things and askes you the right questions. Talking to her clears your mind and makes you see the connections. She gives you clarity and leads you to an inspiring path leading to the goals and dreams you want to achieve. Great coach.
Stella Thomassen
Agnieszka is an incredible coach, totally committed to improving your professional and personal life. By keeping you focused and accountable, she provides you with a clear vision of where you are going, defining what you want and where you want to be. She is devoted to taking the time to understand your goals, dreams and aspirations, dedicated to your success and finding new ways to support you. Highly recommended.
Mehdi Toozhy
It was incredible to have the experience of being coached by Agnieszka every week, for months. She has an ability for listening and making powerful questions that I have not found in anyone else, really. She is committed to you being great, always. That’s powerful. That makes all the difference.
Alejandro Pizarro

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