Be Authentic:
9 Self-empowerment strategies for living life from the inside out.

Have you ever wondered what it might take to become the mastermind of your life? In this book, I will take you through the 9 techniques you will need in order to build your life the way you want it to be.

This is a book which could very well help to shape your future, empower you and see you build a life which is rewarding provided you take action. This book can deliver exactly what you have been looking for, and your first step begins inside.


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A challenge to practice feeding your heroism and perseverance despite your fears

Powerful mindset work exercise to support you in taking massive action

Learn how to stay in charge of your mind to experience tremendous difference in how you feel

Powerful exercise on “how to honour your ideas”

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Receive these FREE BONUSES when you purchase Be Authentic or simply download them now.
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Agnieszka Borzęcka presents a book that I’d have liked to have when I started to examine my life and how life works. Agnieszka has accomplished to bring the essentials of self-empowerment and awareness creation into a easy-to- understand focal point. (…) May this book be the door to the promised land of an authentic life. YOUR authentic life.


—Marc Steinberg, MCC

Founder of Creative Consciousness International

If even just 1 % of your soul knows that your life is about much more what than you have been told, what you have been taught, or what you currently experience in your life, then this book is for you.

Creators, hungry souls, big thinkers, makers, creative minds, corporate professionals, conscious entrepreneurs and those of you who are scared but willing to take risks at the same time. Those of you who crave more self-fulfilment, self-expression and authenticity in your life but who feel lost. Those of you who have big dreams to make an impact on the world, but do not know where to start. Professionals, who feel that they are wasting their time doing work that does not fulfil them. All of you who pick up a subtle frequency from your soul and your heart’s cravings, I’m talking to you.

There is a way to live your life without compromising your desires and dreams of being happy. Owning who you are, being full of energy, expressing your authentic self, reconnecting to your unlimited resources, being “successful’’ and self-fulfilled with who you are and what you do, and how you influence your life.

The future does not have to be the result of your past. The future is self-created.

Be Authentic is the story about fear, a deep need, and the courage to uncover the truth about who you are, how to express it and share it, own it and draw on the vessel of your authentic self to build your life in alignment with who you are on the inside.

It takes self-education, self-determination and self-leadership to recognize and let go forever of all that is not YOU and to consciously grasp and amplify the potential of all that is YOU.

You can create a rewarding, fun and self-fulfilling life on your terms. It takes internal and external engineering. Learn to press your self-empowerment buttons to bring the supreme version of yourself into existence and take action in building your life, life style, and work or business project called “MY extraordinary LIFE”.

–Agnieszka Borzęcka

Have you ever asked yourself: What makes you smile? What is your passion? What is your biggest dream? What steps do you need to take to make it happen?

Did you abandon it immediately assuming in advance that it was not possible?

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a mastermind of your own life?


Agnieszka has been asking herself these questions for a very long time. Her intuition and inner compass were the ultimate guides to personal and professional transformation. In Be Authentic. 9 Self-Empowerment Strategies to Building Life on Your Terms, Agnieszka shares how to combine external knowledge with your personal life story.

By doing powerful mindset work and answering coaching questions, you will gain access to your internal knowledge (your dreams, inner resources, and life experience). It will support you in gaining awareness about WHO YOU ARE and encourage you take massive action to begin living on your terms. Mindset and action are the keys.

Reading and applying knowledge from this book will teach you that self-awareness, powerful mindset, and action are all vital for a vibrant and authentic life.

Do you dare to uncover your true colors?


-Raymond Aaron

New York Times Best-Selling Author



® 2018 Agnieszka Borzęcka