I wrote my first book Be Authentic after thinking about it for the last 30 years.

I am a published author after going after a goal bigger than myself.

I have changed my work from a predictable and unfulfilling 9-5 corporate role to a fulfilling and demanding, but rewarding, business.

I was in a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical cage before and I gave myself permission to be authentic. Speak my truth out loud and live my values like freedom, contribution, fun and connection without feeling the need to apologize for wanting so much in life that sometimes it scares even me.

My bank account was impressive, but my soul account was in the red.

I promised myself to do all that it would take, for as long as it would take, to create my work that would be both my passion and an unfolding expression of who I had and would become, and to believe in myself.

I started building my life, lifestyle and my transformational coaching business without any business experience. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this in my life.  Driven from within to create my own source of income and ‘’work’’ that I am passionate about, that NEVER feels like work. Where I blend my skills, talents and ambitions with my soul cravings and which simply feels awesome.

I feel unstoppable because I broke through my unconscious blocks which were holding me back.

I reinvented myself and worked on my self-belief and conviction about who I am.

I stopped buying into and considering the omnipresent 3D illusion as an ultimate truth, and I began buying into who I REALLY am, what I feel and what I want.

I began saying NO to all and everybody that didn’t feel GREAT and started saying YES to only that does.

I have chosen goals 10 x bigger than myself and have already achieved some of them. As a result I have healed myself from self-judgment and the paralyzing illusion of what others will think of me.

Never before have I felt so free, in charge of my life and who I am. Light, in alignment, and free from stories, excuses, opinions and my old identity holding my back. I feel new-born and born ready.

It has all happened for three reasons. All my life I have had a deep sense of trust and known that life is not only about acquiring external knowledge in a forced way at schools and universities, of going to work, paying taxes, only having weekends free, going for big holidays twice a year, not having strength and time for my passions, my loved ones, and trading my time and ‘’life’’ for a couple of digital zeros on my bank account.

I have always known that is all about the contrary: unlimited expansion, expression and freedom.

The second reason was my innate curiosity and constant questioning about the world and life. Why it functions the way it does and awareness of the existence of another world: my inner world. Inner me, whispers of intuition, big crazy dreams not allowing me to sleep. Little nudges and tugs from my soul talking to me the whole time and telling me to “go out there” and challenging me to do this and that so that I could feel and experience more. So I could BE.

And the third reason was my interest in expanding my knowledge, my human potential and my mind. Psychology that lead me to coaching as a tool of empowerment and transformation and a way of living on my terms. Totally embedding it in my life.

Here I am showing you HOW.

In the last 15 years I have lived in 5 different countries, 15 cities, speaking five languages. In all these countries I learned about different cultures, mentalities, and ways of seeing the world. Different ways of living, feeling and doing things.

Wherever I went or go I experience people being busy coping with their lives instead of living it to the fullest.

Wherever I went or go I experience people focusing more on what it is not so great and how everything in life is tough.

Wherever I went or go I see in people’s eyes and hear in their voices that they would like to achieve and have more in their lives but they are not doing anything, or enough, to make it happen.

Wherever I went or go I hear only a tiny amount of people talking about their dreams, goals and hearts’ cravings, or how they live their lives full of laughter with exponential results.

Wherever I went or go I pick up human energy easily. I feel in my heart and bones whether a person is happy or sad, fulfilled or caged, holding back and hesitant, or thriving. Pretending that all is OK or living each minute consciously and in a way which is true to themselves.

Whenever I went or go I meet people being and doing more they thought they were capable of.

I have met people outgrowing their circumstances, their small self, their thinking, excuses, circumstances and consciously refusing to accept a mass victimhood consciousness.

Having said this, I met myself eventually.

I am someone who will do what it takes to live life on my terms and in alignment with myself. Four years ago when I realized that what I think is not what I had thought I believed, that my identity was a product of social and personal conditioning, I began taking my feelings, dreams, ambitions and cravings very seriously. That was the point when I decided I would follow them more closely, and create my life trusting in the authentic self I’d always been in touch with, but hadn’t known what to do about it.

I wrote a book about my journey to Authenticity and about how to start to trust your feelings. Recognize and bet on the stuff that you feel inside.  OWN it, take massive action and create your life based on what you feel inside.

If you have always known that life is about more than what you’ve been told it is, you are on the right track. Hang out with me and Get REAL for REAL.

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® 2018 Agnieszka Borzęcka